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Widex EVOKE™ 330 E-FM


Segment 4ster
Bedieningsgemak 4ster
Natuurlijke geluidsbeleving 3ster
Verstaan in gezelschap 4ster
Windruisonderdrukking 3ster
Made for IPhone 0ster
Demping scherpe geluiden 4ster
Verstaan vaste telefoon * 4ster

Minimal to severe-to-profound hearing losses

The WIDEX MINI-BTE is based on the Widex W-platform, with an Fluid Sound Controller that handles automatic processing more accurately and faster than before. WIDEX MINI-BTE is the first hearing aid to use SoundSense Adapt to learn from the users preferences and help guide them to a better, more personalised sound.

Multiple wireless connectivity via WidexLink technology and TONELINK App.
Compatible with the DEX assistive listening devices.
4 performance levels 440/330/220/110.
Uses a size 312 battery.
Protection class IP68.

  • AHO - 312 batterij
  • 12 kanalen/12 fijnregelkanalen
  • Optionele voorkeursregelaar
  • Optionele programmaknop
  • E-Platform met Fluid Sound Controller
  • Improved open fit Widex rationales
  • Acclimatisation rationales
  • Power Saver IV technology voor een laag stroomverbruik
  • Widexlink Technology
  • Tonelink APP
  • Adaptatie manager
  • Fluid Sound Analyzer 7 (IE)
  • 4 programma's
  • Speech Enhancer RT (IE)
  • Digital Pinna
  • HD Locator
  • TruSound Softener
  • "Voorkeursregelaar SoundSense Adapt (via DEX en/of APP)"
  • Soft-level noise reduction
  • Noise Reduction
  • ZEN (IE)
  • Audibility Extender